We are having fun experimenting with a new medium - taking little video clips on stuff that may interest our fans and followers.
Most of these will be on the main blog page, but we'll keep a lot of our clips here for your convenience.

April 2015 
My trip to the NY/NJ Gem & Mineral Show in Edison New Jersey 

January 2015
1. A really big Mahenge Spinel
2. Pierre B prong sets a diamond ring
3. Yvonne selects Burma spinels

I pick out matched pairs of 4mm Burma spinel cabs as well as a pair of Burma Spinel crystals from a large parcel of rough.  The cabs were really hard to match.

Our setter Pierre walks me through how to prong set 3mm diamonds into a ring.  Pierre has been setting gems for me for 2 years.  
He is Armenian and started working in the jewelry industry at 14.

A video of one of my nicest Mahenge spinel ovals.  The gem is 3.71 carats.  The measurements are 12.2 x 8.2 x 4.7mm

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